Are You Actively Engaging Your Loved One in Wellness Activities?

Wellness isn’t something that just happens, especially as your loved one grows older. It takes keeping up with some specific activities and tasks. Here are some that you and your loved one can try together.

Work Closely with Her Doctor.

Home Care in Charlotte NC: Actively Engaging in Wellness Activities

Home Care in Charlotte NC: Actively Engaging in Wellness Activities

Your first step is to work closely with your loved one’s doctor. You’ll want to learn what facilitates wellness for your loved one in particular, based on her specific health concerns. He can also give you advice related to diet and exercise that helps you to craft a full wellness plan for your loved one.

Encourage Your Loved One to Eat Well.

Once you know which foods are best for your loved one, you can start formulating an eating plan that includes those foods. It can be an adjustment for your loved one to move from eating whatever she likes to incorporating healthier food choices. Go slowly and enjoy the process.

Make Stretching a Regular Part of Every Day.

Stretching is a wonderful form of exercise and pretty much everyone can do some degree of stretching. Work with your loved one’s existing ability to stretch and to move. As you and she stretch more often, you’ll find that you’re more flexible each time.

Find an Exercise Activity that Your Loved One Enjoys.

Once you’ve cleared an exercise plan with your loved one’s doctor, it’s time to pick some exercise activities that your loved one enjoys. She might get the most enjoyment out of walking every day or she might love to swim down at the community pool. Regardless which you choose, make sure that it’s something she loves so she can stick with it.

Encourage Your Loved One to Get Plenty of Sleep.

An often overlooked component of wellness is getting the right amount of sleep. If your loved one isn’t sleeping well, work with her doctor to figure out what could help her to improve her quality of sleep. It might be as simple as setting up a regular bed time and wake-up time.

Let your loved one’s other family members and home care providers know her routines so that they can help you and your loved one stick to those routines.

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