Benefits of Getting a Cat for Senior Care in Pineville NC!

Seniors who live alone face a greater risk of depression, and a faster decline in overall health.  The perfect companion for an aging senior, or a retiree who lives alone could very well be a furry feline.  Great benefits come to a senior with a cat for a companion.

It is important to match the temperament of the feline to the temperament of the senior. The health benefits of owning a cat include the following:

  • Ownership encourages seniors to be active    

Although it seems like an unlikely match, cats are manageable pets for senior care.   Animals need exercise, and so do seniors.  A cat may enjoy going outside for short periods of time, as well as active play in the house.  Active movement required by the senior keeps their muscles from eroding or becoming stiff, helps to manage body weight, and manage cholesterol levels.

  • Lowers stress and blood pressure

Seniors tend to be more relaxed with a pet in the home.  It has been proven that having the responsibility of caring for a pet reduces blood pressure, and the risk of heart attacks.  According to studies, people who own pets handle stressful situations better than non-pet owners.

  • Seniors always have someone that they can talk to

So many seniors struggle with loneliness, especially if loved ones or friends do not visit them regularly.  A cat is a companion that is always there for them to talk to, or just curl up with and watch television.  Seniors still need human interaction, but this will help them feel less lonely.

  • Caring for a pet helps with mental functioning

Memory loss is natural with age, but studies have shown that seniors who challenge their memory consistently suffer less memory loss than others. The responsibility of taking care of a pet on a schedule everyday helps to keep the brain active.

  • Pets help seniors handle pain and discomfort

Pets can serve as a soothing source of comfort for seniors going through painful medical conditions.  Petting the soft fur of a cat or feeling their warmth on your lap can make pain, and other discomforts easier to endure.

Giving your loved one a pet to focus on caring about encourages them to maintain a level of care for themselves.  They will be less likely to succumb to boredom, and loneliness, and fall into a bout of depression knowing they have someone they need to look after.

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