The Importance of Exercise and Physical Activity for Senior Citizens

Exercise is one of the best things anyone can do for themselves, and that includes senior citizens. The CDC recommends that people who are 65 or older, and who have no health conditions that put limits on exercise, get a minimum of 2.5 hours of moderate aerobic exercise per week and engage in strength training […]

How to Change Your Mindset Around Taking Time Away from Caregiving

Some aspects of caregiving, such as your feelings about taking time away from caregiving, rely more on your own mindset than they do anything else. If your message to yourself as a caregiver is that you can’t take time away, then you’ll look for ways to disallow that for yourself. On the other hand, if […]

Helping your Loved One Stop Smoking

As a family caregiver, helping your loved one adapt a healthy lifestyle can be one of your most challenging tasks. After all, your parent has had years of practice and much of their day-in, day-out activity has become routine and ingrained. Changing habits is never easy. The consequences of a few lifestyle choices, however, can […]

Getting Sleep May Be Difficult When You First Hire Home Care for Mom

When you were raising your children you probably lost a lot of sleep. Especially when your kids were extremely young they may have gotten up in the middle of the night crying for one reason or another, scared, or simply not having the same sleep patterns as you did. Now that you’re older, though, your […]

Tips for Protecting Your Elderly Loved One from the Flu

In your role as a family caregiver, keeping your aging parent healthy is one of your top priorities. This means addressing their chronic concerns, but also managing acute issues as well. One such issue that is particularly pressing among elderly adults is the flu. Short for influenza, this illness is caused by a virus that […]

5 Surprising Culprits that Can Make Incontinence Worse for Your Elderly Loved One

Incontinence can be a big issue for your elderly loved one. It’s a good idea to work with her doctor to determine what could be triggering it and making it worse. Beyond the typical causes, such as muscle weakness and medication side effects, there are other causes or triggers that you might not think about. […]

Age-related Memory Loss and Dementia

It often begins slowly, almost imperceptible. Your parent forgets an appointment or the name of an acquaintance. As memory problems worsen, you and your parent begin to wonder if this isn’t normal aging but a symptom of an underlying disease. Age-related Memory Loss Instances such as forgetting names and appointments are relatively common as we […]

What is High Blood Pressure?

Caregiver in Weddington NC In your role as a family caregiver one of your most important tools is awareness. Being aware of the risks that your elderly parent is facing enables you to give them the care that they need to manage these risks, avoid potential health complications and challenges, and handle those issues that […]

Are Your Elderly Loved One’s Feet Tripping Her Up?

Elderly Care in Huntersville NC Your elderly loved one’s feet are the foundation for the rest of her body. They help her to stay mobile and they can be an early warning system that something isn’t right with your loved one. Pay special attention to your loved one’s feet as much as you can. Examine […]

Managing Type 2 Diabetes

Senior Care in Waxhaw NC If your loved one has recently received a diagnosis of diabetes, they may be feeling insecure and fearful. They may have watched the health decline of those they know with this disease. They may be aware of the possible complications that could affect their eyesight, cause pain in their feet […]