Should You be Expected to be a Caregiver in Matthews, NC for Your Mother-in-Law?

The mother-in-law joke is an old clich√©, but the reality is that many people actually do have a rather strained relationship with the mother of their spouse. This is not always the case. Sometimes people have fantastic relationships with the parents of their spouses, but this can change rapidly when the issue of providing home care arises. Whether you have been married for a year or three decades, you may find yourself facing the possibility of becoming a caregiver for your mother-in-law. Should this really be your responsibility? Should you truly be expected to take on the task of being an in home care provider for your spouse’s parent?

Caregiver in Matthews, NCIt can be very difficult to ask these questions, not only to your spouse, but to yourself. You may feel as though asking these questions shows that you do not love your aging mother-in-law, or that you don’t have any appreciation for her role in your life, or in the life of your spouse. It is important to remember, however, that being a caregiver is a tremendous responsibility and it is one that should not be taken lightly. Providing home care for a senior takes an incredible amount of time, dedication and effort, and some people simply do not have it in them. This is not a bad thing, nor is it something that you should be ashamed of. The reality is that making the decision to become a caregiver is one that you should take very seriously, and one that you should make for yourself.

It is not fair for your spouse to pressure you into becoming a caregiver for your mother-in-law. All too often the excuse arises that because a wife does not work outside the home, that it should be no problem for her to take on the care of her mother-in-law. After all, she is at home all day, so why shouldn’t she be able to take care of her husband’s mother? The answer to this is as simple as the question. Just because a woman is at home all day does not mean that her day is empty, nor does it mean that she should be obligated to take on the massive physical, emotional and financial responsibility of caring for another adult.

If you are feeling under pressure to become a caregiver for your mother-in-law, father-in-law or other family member, don’t be afraid to stand up for yourself. Express your reservations at taking on the responsibility, and recommend alternatives such as hiring a home care services companion. Agree to perform certain tasks, such as taking your mother-in-law grocery shopping or doing a few loads of laundry each week, by do not feel obligated to take on a role for which you do not feel prepared. If you do, you could put your own health and safety, not to mention that of your mother-in-law, at risk.

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