Helping your Loved One Stop Smoking


Caregiver in Pineville NC: Helping your Loved One Stop Smoking

As a family caregiver, helping your loved one adapt a healthy lifestyle can be one of your most challenging tasks. After all, your parent has had years of practice and much of their day-in, day-out activity has become routine and ingrained. Changing habits is never easy. The consequences of a few lifestyle choices, however, can be irreversible and smoking is one of these. If your loved one smokes, do what you can to help them end this highly addictive habit and then let go. While you can’t force them, you can be there to support them. Most people really want to quit, but don’t believe they have the internal strength to do it. Encouragement and praise, even when they slip up, can make all the difference.

Why Quit

While most people associate the risks of smoking with diseases such as chronic bronchitis, emphysema and lung cancer, smoking does additional damage to the body than just the lungs. Smoking damages the arteries, ultimately leading to atherosclerosis. This in turn can lead to a stroke, heart disease, kidney disease and even dementia. is a website designed to help you and your loved one as they traverse the up and down journey of leaving cigarettes behind. It offers a wealth of information including:

  • Expert advice. This includes articles that tell you what to expect in relationship to withdrawal symptoms and what you can do when they hit. It discusses tips before you start and tips that see you through. It includes advice on cravings and triggers and how to incorporate a healthy lifestyle as your parent disengages from this addictive substance. And expert advice is always available.
  • Support. There are Smokefree Apps as well as a texting program that gives 24/7 encouragement and support.
  • Build Your Quit Plan. This online plan is easy to build by simply completing seven easy steps.
  • Medication. It offers information on using nicotine replacement and can help you determine, along with your parent’s primary health care providers, if that is a viable tool for your loved one.
  • Tools and Tips. This section is invaluable in learning about different tools to help your parent quit and how they can use them.

Quitting smoking is definitely a one-day at a time undertaking. If your loved one can see it through, the benefits are immense and almost immediate. Their heart rate will begin to drop back toward normal. Their circulation will improve. They may even feel warmth seeping back into their fingers and toes. Nerve endings start to regrow resulting in improved smell and taste. Breathing becomes easier. Once your parent kicks the habit, it’s time to celebrate. Enjoy a wonderful meal together that they can savor and pat both of yourselves on the back—it was a journey so worth the effort.


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