Is Your Parent Spending Too Much on Prescription Medications?

Your dad’s doctor has him taking medications for depression and Alzheimer’s. You know the medications are necessary. The problem is your dad’s insurance only pays so much. His fixed retirement income doesn’t allow for increased medication costs. You worry that your parent is spending too much on these important prescriptions. Here are tips on getting the cost down to a reasonable level.


Caregiver in Waxhaw NC: Senior Prescription Costs

Caregiver in Waxhaw NC: Senior Prescription Costs


-Talk to His Doctor

If there are generic brands available, they will cost less. Many insurance companies cover a larger percentage of the prescription cost when you use generic medications.

There may be a higher dosage medication available that will save money. Instead of taking a full pill, your dad takes half a pill. This doesn’t work with all medications, so you need to ask his doctor. If it will work for your dad, he can pay for one month’s supply and split the pills in half using a pill cutter. That one-month prescription lasts two months.

Your dad’s doctor may know of other ways to get the medication for less. He may have samples that can save your dad a month or two off the cost of the prescription. You can use this time to find ways to trim household expenses to ensure there is money available for required medications.


-Check Out the Pharmaceutical Company’s Website

Some companies offer coupons that drastically reduce the cost of a prescription medication. Visit the pharmaceutical company’s website and look for rebates or coupons. If you don’t see anything, email or call the company and ask. Some will work with seniors who are having a hard time affording their medications.


-Look at Other Prescription Plans

If your dad’s health insurance isn’t covering enough of his prescription medications, look at other plans. You might find that spending a little more will save money in the long run.


-Shop Around and Include Mail Order Pharmacies

Shopping around is a great way to ensure you get the lowest price. A local pharmacy may cost more than using a membership-based pharmacy like Costco. Mail order prescriptions through your dad’s health insurance may be the most affordable option.


Once your dad has his prescription medications, it’s important that he takes them correctly. If you worry about his accidentally doubling a dose or missing a day, ask about home care services. Caregivers can come to his home and offer medication reminders. It’s a good way to make sure he’s doing all he can to improve his health. Call a home care agency to learn more.


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