It’s Library Lovers Month: What’s to Love About the Library?

February is Library Lovers Month, a month to celebrate everything wonderful about your local library.

If you or your aging family member doesn’t have a library card yet, there are many reasons you might want to consider getting them one. Here are some things family caregivers and older adults will love about the library.


Caregiver in Matthews NC: Library Lover's Month

Caregiver in Matthews NC: Library Lover’s Month


Easy to Use

Libraries are extremely easy to use. Nearly all libraries now have their card catalogs available to patrons via computers. This can make it very easy for seniors and caregivers with just a little bit of tech savvy to find exactly what they are looking for. They may even be able to search the card catalog from home and reserve the items they want for pick up. For seniors or caregivers who don’t have much experience with computers, there’s always a friendly librarian on hand who can assist.


Access to Thousands of Books

Not only does your local library have tons of books right on hand, most libraries also network with other libraries to give customers access to even more books through interlibrary loan. This means that no matter what topic or genre the senior enjoys, they’ll be able to find a book to read. For caregivers, if you need to learn about a medical condition, a library can be a great place to do some research. Or, perhaps you’d like to pick up a novel to enjoy while you take a moment for yourself.


Loads of Movies and Music

Many libraries have DVDs and music CDs available for people to check out in addition to books. They can be a great place to check out the latest movies, or to catch up on old classics that your aging relative hasn’t seen in years. Caregivers can also check out CDs of quiet, soothing music to play for older adults who may experience anxiety.


Libraries are Free

Using the library costs nothing. Older adults and their family caregivers get access to all sorts of entertainment for absolutely no cost. That can be an important benefit for people who are on fixed incomes.


Workshops, Clubs, and Seminars

Many libraries hold free events of all kinds. They might offer classes to teach people how to use computers, learn a new skill, or research their family history. Libraries often have community book clubs that older adults and family caregivers can join to discuss the books they read. A library can be a great place to socialize and meet new people.


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