Caregivers in Concord, NC: Long Distance Support

As families are spread out of hundreds, even thousands of miles, adult children who live far from their aging parents can provide long distance care and support. Even if those adult children never set foot in their parents’ homes, they can still help relieve caregiver stress for the people who are proving local care. In order to avoid too much caregiver stress, caregivers are always in need of some type of support and long distance caregivers can provide much of the stress relieving support.

Talking on a Regular Basis

One of the best ways that long distance caregivers can provide support is by taking time to talk to their elderly relatives on a regular basis. Many local caregivers can be stressed by having to provide physical care and conversation, too. However, if long distance caregivers can make daily phone calls, then the local caregivers can get the Caregivers in Concord, NChousekeeping, bathing, cooking, and other physical jobs done more efficiently. Adult children who live farther away can schedule calling times so that their elderly parents have someone to talk to every day.

Importance of Financial Support

Another helpful way that long distance caregivers can provide support is financially. Elder care expenses are costly and when there is some additional support coming in from different bank accounts it can relieve the pressure on the local caregivers. For example, local caregivers are usually responsible for transportation, but long distance caregivers do not have the same responsibilities. Local caregivers also usually have to give their time, while long distance caregivers do not. Local caregivers can become frustrated by the time equalities and to help ease the stress, long distance caregivers should send some type of financial support on a regular basis in lieu of giving time.

Respite Care for Vacation Time

Caregiver stress can also occur with the monotony of daily care. While light housekeeping and cooking for one or two adults is not physically challenging, it is time consuming. Physical care like bathing and dosing medication can also be time consuming. Long distance care providers can help their siblings by stepping in for a few days to give time for vacations. If siblings cannot do the work themselves because of their own work schedules, long distance siblings could pay for respite care so the regular caregivers can take some time for themselves and their own families.

Management Support

If long distance caregivers cannot provide financial assistance, there are plenty of other ways to be helpful. With tools like Facebook, long distance relatives can coordinate meals deliveries on occasions when the primary local caregiver is not available. Long distance relatives can also help communicate with health care providers. They can also help with organizing bill paying and keeping track of finances. Local caregivers appreciate any help, especially if it is given willingly.

Positive Attitudes

It is important that long distance caregivers stay positive to support the local caregivers. Stress only increases when people begin to feel negative emotions. Positive support will keep everyone feeling good and providing the necessary care for loved ones.

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