Caregivers in Huntersville, NC: Build a Scarecrow Day in July

What a fun day of observance for a home care provider and their elderly loved one! The first Sunday in July is the day to build a scarecrow and post him up to keep the birds out of the garden. Regardless of whether your elderly adult has a garden, a scarecrow is still fun to build and display in the front – or back – yard.

Sometimes scarecrows are associated with fall and Thanksgiving and all those fun decorations that go along with fall. But logically, it’s during the summer that scarecrows are needed to ward off birds and other feathered pests that wreak havoc on the garden. Crows are notorious strawberry thieves. So, it does make sense that ‘Build a Caregivers in Huntersville, NCScarecrow Day’ would be in the beginning of July.

Sometimes it’s pretty ironic to look out into the fields and see crows sitting on top of scarecrows. In that case, the scarecrow didn’t scare the crows at all! But regardless, they still look good standing sentinel over the garden.

If there is no garden to display a scarecrow in, make this observance into a fun mini-craft. Go down to the store and pick up a clay pot, some seeds and some potting soil. Go to a dollar store and pick up some little crafts (such as Popsicle sticks for legs and arms) to make a scarecrow out of. Also buy some inexpensive acrylic paints and paintbrushes. The scarecrow’s outfit can be cut from old clothes or scrap fabric. Find a picture online of a handcrafted scarecrow, plug in a glue gun and have some fun.

Use the paint and paintbrushes to decorate the clay pot. You and your loved one may want to each do your own. Fill the pots with potting soil and plant the seeds, water lightly. Gather the craft supplies and make the little scarecrows to stick in the soil at the side of each pot. Sit the pots in a sunny window or out on the steps. Soon the seeds will germinate and be sprouting up out of the soil.

Watching the plants grow and taking care of them daily will give your loved one something to look forward to each day. If you choose some seeds that germinate quickly like lettuce, green onions or spinach, you can pick and eat your plants. Some quick-sprouting flowers would be very nice as well and bring a lot of enjoyment to look at.

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