Understanding Blood Glucose Testing for Diabetics

Senior Care in Mint Hill NC: One of the most important aspects of managing diabetes is blood glucose (or blood sugar) testing. Blood sugar levels are used to determine whether a treatment plan is working.

Alternative to Resolutions

Caregiver in Mint Hill NC “Logic will get you from A to B. Imagination will take you everywhere.”—Albert Einstein Another year has come and gone, leaving a sense of loss on one hand and the promise of a new beginning filled with potential on the other. As humans, it is common to look back and […]

Avoiding Burnout for Family Caregivers

Caregiver in Mint Hill NC Whether you simply help your loved one with activities of daily living, spend time together on occasion or live with an aging parent, feeling occasional burnout is normal. While focusing on an aging parent often takes the front seat, particularly following an illness, it’s important for family members to maintain […]

Neglecting One’s Health Isn’t Helping the Quality of Care You Provide

Caregiver in Mint Hill NC You’re incredibly busy. Before your father had his heart attack and you stepped up to be a caregiver for him, you were already stretched thin with regard to your time every day. Your weekdays might look like this: you wake up at five in the morning, take a shower, eat […]