Is Your Parent Spending Too Much on Prescription Medications?

Caregiver in Waxhaw NC: Your dad’s doctor has him taking medications for depression and Alzheimer’s. You know the medications are necessary. The problem is your dad’s insurance only pays so much. His fixed retirement income doesn’t allow for increased medication costs.

What is a Silent Stroke?

Caregiver in Waxhaw NC: Experts say that between 8 and 11 million people in the United States have silent strokes each year—and many don’t even know it. Silent strokes are so common, and so often undiagnosed, that researchers believe they account for 97 percent of all strokes suffered in the U.S. per year.

International Listening Awareness Month

Caregiver in Waxhaw NC Have you ever heard the saying, “you are hearing me, but you are not really listening”? This phrase is commonly used when a person feels like she is not being properly acknowledged in a conversation or that the person who she is trying to have a conversation with is not fully […]