The Flu and the Elderly: When Should You Call the Doctor?

Home Care in Gastonia, NC: The flu can be a very dangerous situation for an elderly adult. These seniors tend to be more vulnerable than younger people due to lower immune systems.

Would Dad be more Comfortable with a Male or Female Caregiver near Gastonia, NC?

“One Daughter’s Perspective near Gastonia, NC” My sister and I were having a debate the other day about our father’s caregiver. Actually, he hadn’t yet hired a home care provider, but he agreed that it was something he needed because he was struggling to take care of himself at home, but he had no interest […]

Mom Supporting Mom- When Your Elderly Mother is being a Caregiver in Gastonia NC!

( A story) With the advancements in modern medicine, more people are enjoying life well into their 90s these days, than ever before.  That means that if your grandmother is still active and on the go, then the responsibility for being a caregiver may fall upon your mother who might be heading into her 70s. […]

Caregivers in Gastonia, NC Have Lives, Too! 5 Things to Do for Yourself!

When you make the commitment to be a caregiver for an aging loved one, you are making the commitment to dedicate a huge portion of your life to seeing to the physical and cognitive needs of another human being. This is not always easy. No matter how much you love the senior, no matter how […]