Keeping your Eyes Healthy as you Age

Elder Care in Charlotte NC: Some changes in the structure of the eyes are normal as one ages. There are, however, diseases of the eye that are more likely to occur that are not normal and can be prevented. Here are some tips for you to follow to help keep your senior’s eyes healthier.

How to Help a Loved One with Alzheimer’s Disease Stay Physically Active

Elder Care in Charlotte NC Some people believe that a diagnosis of Alzheimer’s disease means that loved ones shouldn’t do much, particularly in regard to physical activity. The reality is that physical activity can help your loved one with Alzheimer’s disease to live a much fuller and happier life. It can also help to keep […]

Diabetics and Foot Care – Don’t Overlook It

Elder Care in Charlotte NC Foot care for diabetics starts with the basics:  keeping the feet clean and dry.  Each day, diabetics should wash and thoroughly dry the feet, then put on socks that still allow the feet to get air.  Doing this will prevent the feet from getting sweaty and possibly forming sores. At […]

Healthy and Wholesome Snacks to Satisfy through Elder Care in Charlotte, NC

Convincing your elderly loved one to well-balanced meals or nutritional snacks can be a challenge for elder care. Aging seniors often lose their appetite as a result of being in pain or because of medications, have oral health issues, difficulty chewing and swallowing, or experience loss of taste. However, there are some wholesome, healthy snacks […]

Elder Care in Charlotte NC: Should Your Friend’s Opinion Influence Elder Care Decisions for a Parent?

Many of us have friends whose advice, and opinions matter to us, no matter what they are.  You could have been friends with this person since you were both in grade school, and you might have been through a lot together.  While that’s a wonderful relationship to have, what happens when they begin to try, […]

Elder Care in Charlotte NC: Holiday Shopping- Important Issues to Remember for Grandma

The holidays are upon us and our moms and dads, grandmas and grandpas want to join in the festivities. But how can they go out and shop if they have physical limitations? They need our help to get their shopping list accomplished on time.   Studies show that retail therapy is good for both the […]

Easing Fears about Elder Care in Charlotte, NC: The Myths and The Realities

As soon as you mention elder care to your aging loved ones you may notice that they become resistant and want to end the conversation. Even if you approach them with compassion and affection, it is likely that your loved ones will feel as though you are pressuring them or telling them that they have […]