Elder Care Highlight: Meal Preparation

Home Care in Huntersville NC: One of the best benefits of elder care is that the services that this care provider offers to your parents are completely customizable.

How to Change Your Mindset Around Taking Time Away from Caregiving

Some aspects of caregiving, such as your feelings about taking time away from caregiving, rely more on your own mindset than they do anything else. If your message to yourself as a caregiver is that you can’t take time away, then you’ll look for ways to disallow that for yourself. On the other hand, if […]

Staying Aware of Dehydration during Your Winter Elder Care Routine

Elder Care in Huntersville NC Many people think of dehydration as a problem of the summer months due to the hot temperatures and humidity, but the reality is recognizing and preventing dehydration should be a central element of your elder care routine at all times of the year. During the winter months it may be […]

Are You Looking for a Different Approach to Convince Your Elderly Parent that is important for them to See Their Doctor when they Have Health Concerns, and Not Try The Home Remedies? Find out a few Strategies to Use.

“It’s Time to See the Doctor”: Convincing a Loved One to Take Care of their Health through Proper Elder Care near Huntersville, NC “One Adult Daughter trying to convince her Mom to see the Doctor” There were plenty of times when Andrea tried to convince her aging mother to see the doctor. Andrea felt, during […]

Humming Fun: Music and Senior Care near Huntersville, NC

A lot has been written about the power of music and senior care, and it can’t be overstated. Even though many of us associate music today with hard rock, rap, and hip hop, music that is more grating to the soul than it is inspiring, music still has the power to change lives. Research has […]

How to Provide Elderly Care in Huntersville NC for Couples!

Is there any difference between providing elderly care for a single person or a couple? In truth, there is a bit of a difference.  In most cases, elder care services that are hired to come into the home of a married couple, for example, will be focused on the care of one of the individuals […]

Elder Care in Huntersville, NC: Strawberry Summer

One of the greatest things about summer is enjoying all of the fresh and delicious flavors become available during this time. As an elder care provider, there are many ways that you can take advantage of all this new fresh food when taking care of your aging loved one. Planning a fun event revolving around […]