When Should Seniors Avoid Taking Probiotics?

Elder Care in Pineville, NC: Many seniors in the United States take probiotics for a number of digestive and bowel issues.

How to Tell if Your Elderly Loved One Might Need More Help at Home

Elder Care in Pineville NC It’s not always easy to discern whether your elderly loved one needs a little more help or not. She may not always tell you, for a variety of reasons. If you’re not sure, look for some of these signs. Her Eating Habits Seem to Have Changed You may not be […]

Making Running a Part of Your Elder Care Plan

Elder Care in Pineville NC Being a family caregiver for aging adults is always challenging, but it can be particularly so when your parents have very different needs and challenges. While some seniors make the choice to take on the caregiving responsibilities for their spouses when one becomes physically or cognitively incapable of caring for […]

Adding Cholesterol Care to Overall Elder Care in Pineville, NC

For most of us, we have learned a great deal about cholesterol and the importance of reducing it for overall health. It is also a vital component of overall elder care as well. There are two forms of cholesterol: good and bad. While it’s important to focus on good cholesterol, bad cholesterol can lead to […]