Is Elder Care Assistance the Right Option for Your Loved One?

Senior Care in Weddington NC: You may be wondering if home care services are right for your senior. These situations can help you to decide.

Getting Sleep May Be Difficult When You First Hire Home Care for Mom

When you were raising your children you probably lost a lot of sleep. Especially when your kids were extremely young they may have gotten up in the middle of the night crying for one reason or another, scared, or simply not having the same sleep patterns as you did. Now that you’re older, though, your […]

Home Care Tools to Help Seniors with Parkinson’s Disease Maintain Independence in Eating

Home Care in Weddington NC The primary goal of any home care journey is to promote a high quality of life and ongoing independence. If you are in such a care relationship with a senior who is one of the one million Americans who is suffering from Parkinson’s disease, this goal does not change. Though […]

What You Should Know About a Home Care Provider before Hiring Her

Home Care in Weddington NC Making the decision to hire a home care provider is a meaningful way to show your love and concern for your elderly parents. By starting this type of care relationship, you ensure your parents get the care, assistance, and companionship they need to live a happy, healthy, and fulfilling lifestyle […]

Home Care Around the Holidays—Be Aware of Different Cultures and Religions in Weddington, NC

Home care companions come from all walks of life. They come from different cultures, heritages, and faiths. While this really doesn’t make a difference throughout most of the year, with the holiday season comes along it can become very evident. A home care companion that is of a different faith or culture than the senior […]