Finding Yourself Again After Hiring Home Care for a Senior Parent

Home Care Services near Waxhaw, NC Can Help You Keep Your Identity “One Story about Susie being a Family Caregiver to her Mom near Waxhaw, NC” For the longest time Susie was a well-adjusted, content person. She had a decent job (not one that she would brag about, but one that paid the bills), her […]

Home Care Services in Waxhaw NC: – The Best Choice

When you are considering the best type of care for your loved one, and have assessed the level of care they need, you may have come down to the choice between home care, and a nursing home.  What are the benefits of each?  What are the drawbacks?  There are several deciding factors, including, but not […]

Home Care Services and Whole-Senior Post-Stroke Care in Waxhaw, NC

Home care services play a critical role in helping seniors recover from a stroke. The post stroke recovery process can be quite intensive, and it is essential to have in home health care services available to help the senior work through the process of recovering and overcome the lingering symptoms. It is important to remember […]