Do You Have a Care Team in Place for Your Elderly Loved One?

Having a care team for your elderly loved one may sound a little bit formal, but it gives you the opportunity to evaluate the people you can call on for help. Taking the time to write out the members in your care team can also help you to feel a little bit less alone on […]

Senior Care Fun: National Secondhand Wardrobe Week

Senior Care in Charlotte NC Keeping your parents’ budget intact is an important part of your home care journey with them, but sometimes that can be difficult when you need to do things like replacing or supplementing your parents’ wardrobes. February 7 through 13 is National Secondhand Wardrobe Week, a fantastic opportunity for you to […]

Social Media Benefits for Seniors

Senior Care in Charlotte NC One of the more common complaints some elder care providers hear from seniors is that they feel isolated or alone. This is increased when people begin to lose their ability to get around. Social media, which is something some people think is only related to the younger generations, is increasing steadily for individuals […]

Do You Know What Options You Will Have when You Start Having Difficulties with Daily Task, and Your Health Starts Declining? Look Into Hiring Senior Home Care.

Staying Home is the ‘In’ Thing Today, Especially for Senior Care in Charlotte, NC “A Father’s Request after his stroke, that he wants to remain in comfort of his own home” When I was growing up, as soon as I hit my teenage years it seemed that I didn’t want to stay home for anything. […]

Respect Your Parent’s Senior Care Wishes in Charlotte, NC

August 1st is Respect for Parents Day and while it’s odd that we should even have a day to highlight one of the most basic, fundamental principles in life, there it is. For the elderly parent whom you feel needs some form of senior care, it can be easy to forget this little bit of […]

Dad Needs Senior Care in Charlotte NC: Some Great Father’s Day Ideas

Is your father getting ‘up there’ in years? If so, then he may be reaching a point where he might need some help around the house. If he’s living alone and having trouble tending to his basic care needs, he may very well benefit from some type of senior care. You may be tempted to […]

Keeping Active while Providing Senior Care in Charlotte NC!

If you are providing senior care for an elderly individual, whether it’s a loved one or a stranger, it’s important that you remain active.  One of the reasons for stating this is that, depending on the level of care that you’re providing to this individual, you may end up being generally more sedentary than you […]

When Senior Care in Charlotte, NC becomes Urgent—Finding Help When You Need It

The difficulties of aging often come gradually, with a senior’s physical and cognitive abilities gradually diminishing so that he needs some help addressing his needs on a daily basis. This allows for the gradual implementation of senior care services that will address these needs and ensure that the senior remains healthy and happy. Sometimes, however, […]

Senior Care Issues: Diagnosed with Congestive Heart Failure? Daily Weights are Important!

Congestive heart failure is a relatively common condition of aging. This condition is when the heart has become too weak to pump an adequate amount of blood through the body. All of the functions the body are negatively impacted by the decreased volume of blood that it receives on a regular basis. This reduced pumping […]