How Stroke Risks Differ for Women

Senior Care in Gastonia NC: Both men and women can be affected by stroke, but women may be more at risk than their male counterparts.

Why is Getting the Right Nutrition Sometimes More Challenging for Seniors with Alzheimer’s Disease?

Senior Care in Gastonia NC Seniors who are dealing with Alzheimer’s disease will face a wide variety of challenges during the course of their progression with the disease. For many caregivers one of the greatest challenges that they will witness in their elderly loved one is difficulty eating and not getting the right nutrition. As […]

Senior Care Tips: Storing Leftovers Effectively

Senior Care in Gastonia NC One of the best things about Thanksgiving is the leftovers. These delicious leftovers make easy meals for days afterwards, simplifying your senior care efforts with your loved ones, and encouraging the continuation of the warm feelings and memory making of the holiday for longer. It is vital, however, that you […]

Learn Ways to Stay Connected with Your Family

Senior Care in Gastonia, NC – Helping Generations Connect Whether you are living in a joint family or in a nuclear family, you will find sometimes it is difficult to manage the gap between your parents and your children who have different approaches to life and have different values in life. You need to concentrate […]

Senior Care near Gastonia NC for a Person with Vertigo: Preventing Falls

One third of seniors 65 and older fall each year resulting in severe injuries and broken bones that lead to loss of independence and even death.  Seniors who experience vertigo are at a higher risk of losing their balance causing them to fall.  What can you do as part of senior care to help prevent […]

Maintaining Independence with Senior In-Home Care in Gastonia NC!

Seniors are living longer, and many prefer to remain in their own homes as they age. There are many options available to help your loved ones remain living independently at home while continuing to be safe, and confident that their needs are being taken care of. There are different services available to help seniors at […]

Concerns about Caramel and Senior Care in Gastonia NC

Would you have ever thought that caramel would be any kind of concern when it comes to senior care?  While you may be one of the millions of people throughout the country who love caramel, taffy, or any of those other chewy, sticky snacks, for seniors they can cause a few problems, especially for their […]

Issues of Dignity in Senior Care in Gastonia, NC

One of the primary concerns in senior care today is the issue of dignity. Every human being has dignity needs, and addressing his dignity needs important element of providing caring, compassionate and truly respectable senior care. Sometimes it is easy to overlook the dignity needs of an aging loved one when you’re attempting to provide […]

Senior Care Issues: When You Are the Only Adult Child Caring for an Aging Parent- Making Decisions Alone Can Be Difficult

Many parents choose to have only one child so that they can dedicate all of their time, attention and money on that child. In their minds this ensures that their child has the best life that they could possibly give. As a child this can make you feel special and give you tremendous opportunities that […]

Senior Care in Gastonia, NC: Open Enrollment for Medicare –Now through Dec 7, 2012

Medicare provides senior care coverage for millions of older Americans. The program offers a variety of coverage selections through the various “Parts” of the program and through advantage policies. These plans offer a combination of the Medicare coverage with private insurances. Medicare beneficiaries can review and change their Medicare plans from Oct. 15 through Dec. […]