Tips for Reducing Fall Risk for Seniors with Low Vision

Senior Care in Pineville NC: A high percentage of senior adults deal with low vision. This can impact their functioning and quality of life in a wide variety of ways, but one that can be particularly troublesome is the increase in fall risk. Seniors who are not able to see as well as they once did can encounter a range of dangers and risks that increase the chances that they could fall, making them vulnerable to potentially serious consequences such as broken bones.

How to Connect to a Loved One in the Later Stages of Dementia

Senior Care in Pineville NC When your loved one is in the later stages of dementia, it may be very difficult for you to feel that you have any kind of connection with her. Using these strategies can help you to connect more easily to your loved one, making communication easier to a certain degree. […]

Tips to Prevent Falls

Senior Care in Pineville NC They can happen anywhere, at any time. One minute they are standing in the kitchen preparing dinner; the next they are on the floor. According to the CDC, one in three seniors fall every year, but less than half will talk to their doctor about it ( Not only can […]