Managing Type 2 Diabetes

Senior Care in Waxhaw NC If your loved one has recently received a diagnosis of diabetes, they may be feeling insecure and fearful. They may have watched the health decline of those they know with this disease. They may be aware of the possible complications that could affect their eyesight, cause pain in their feet […]

Helping Your Parent Pay Down Debt

Senior Care in Waxhaw NC So many seniors in our country live on a fixed income. Whether they get a pension, as well as Social Security, or they are strictly on Social Security, there usually is no way to increase it, short of the government giving a raise in people‚Äôs Social Security payments. If they […]

Celebrating Holidays at Home

Senior Care in Waxhaw NC As they age, many seniors prefer to live in their own homes as independently as possible. Part of the reason may have to do with a desire to maintain a sense of individuality. Part of the reason may be, simply put, the pride of home ownership and keen sense of […]

Shaking Off the Guilt of a Senior Care Decision

Senior Care in Waxhaw NC After your father was admitted to the hospital and they ran some tests to determine he actually had a minor stroke, you probably became quite concerned about his welfare at home. His doctor was talking about a number of senior care decisions that needed to be made. One of those […]

Prostate Health and Senior Care near Waxhaw, NC

Prostate cancer is one of the leading causes of death among elderly males. Taking care of the prostate is important throughout your life. Even for the elderly individual who now relies on senior care, it is never too late to focus on positive prostate health. There are several things that senior health care services can […]

Senior Care in Waxhaw, NC: Refreshing Bedroom Furniture

The spring and summer months are the perfect time for you to spruce up your aging loved one’s home. While the winter months tend to encourage people to stay inside and not do very much, when the weather begins to get warmer, your senior care plan should begin to involve more activities and interaction. Refreshing […]