Is Elder Care Assistance the Right Option for Your Loved One?

Senior Care in Weddington NC: You may be wondering if home care services are right for your senior. These situations can help you to decide.

Surprising Factors That Can Lead to Heart Attacks

Senior Care in Weddington NC When the blood flow to the heart suddenly becomes blocked, the result is a heart attack.  Seniors, due to age as well as other risk factors, are at a higher risk for having a heart attack.  Heart attacks are serious medical emergencies that require immediate care and they can even […]

Difficult Senior Care: Is Your Parent’s Dementia Impacting Your Relationship With Him?

Senior Care in Weddington NC When you first started your senior care journey with your aging loved ones you felt like you were prepared for anything that you could encounter, including a diagnosis with Alzheimer’s disease or another form of dementia. You felt prepared to handle the idea that your senior would be dealing with […]

Senior Care – Fun Things to Do – Easy Crafts

Senior Care in Weddington NC Professionals that provide senior care help take care of all the daily routines. They also help seniors receiving in-home care or elder care immensely when they provide an interesting craft project for them to do. Seniors who are active, stay more mentally alert. There is also significant improvement in energy, mood, and […]

Senior Care near Weddington NC– Laughter is the Best Medicine for Alleviating Caregiver Stress

The burden that is on caregiver’s shoulders these days is a big one. Caring for an elderly parent isn’t for the faint of heart, but can be very rewarding. Despite the days when mealtimes are stressful for your mother, or your dad hasn’t bathed in a week, it’s very humbling to know you are meeting […]

Senior Care near Weddington NC: Driving is No Longer an Option?

“ A story regarding when Mom no longer has the option of driving “ Melinda had been driving since before she could actually get a drivers license.  Of course, she wouldn’t admit that to her son or daughter until they were both much, much older, but she would drive her father’s pickup truck on the […]

Senior Care in Weddington, NC: Fun Food Celebrations

Celebrations centered on food can be really fun for the senior, especially if it’s something that brings back old memories. Two fun food holidays coming up are Pancake Day on September 26th and Corned Beef Hash Day on September 27th. Who doesn’t like pancakes? And corned beef hash was popular during the Second World War […]