Recognizing the Symptoms of Diabetes

Senior Care in Pineville, NC   Diabetes is one of those conditions that can seem incredibly daunting when it arises in your senior care journey with your aging parents, and something that you would much rather not experience at all. Trying to deny the potential for this disease, or pretending that it is not there, […]

Learn to Enjoy the Health Benefits of Green Tea

Senior Care near Pineville, NC – What’s All the Fuss about Green Tea? Some say it is the healthiest drink in the world, do you know what it is? It’s green tea. Well, no one has actually proven it is best in the world, but many specialized studies have been done around the globe and […]

Benefits of Getting a Cat for Senior Care in Pineville NC!

Seniors who live alone face a greater risk of depression, and a faster decline in overall health.  The perfect companion for an aging senior, or a retiree who lives alone could very well be a furry feline.  Great benefits come to a senior with a cat for a companion. It is important to match the […]