Concerns about Caramel and Senior Care in Gastonia NC

Would you have ever thought that caramel would be any kind of concern when it comes to senior care?  While you may be one of the millions of people throughout the country who love caramel, taffy, or any of those other chewy, sticky snacks, for seniors they can cause a few problems, especially for their oral care.Senior Care Gastonia NC

You may be fully aware that your father wears dentures, and he has done so for so long that you don’t think twice about it.  You know he doesn’t chew gum, and you make sure that he stays away from any hard foods, or even foods that would require a great deal of chewing, but you do so without even thinking about it.

So what happens if you hire senior care services to come in and check on your father every day?  What if they are going to be cooking meals with or for him in the evening? What if the senior care service provider decides to bring him a Snickers bar or some other candy bar that has caramel in it?

If he used to savor that chocolate bar or other type of candy bar in his youth, do you think that he would be tempted to accept the offer from the senior care service provider?  He might, but what would be the ramifications if he did?

Depending on his oral health, they might not be much to worry about at all.  Yet, they could be significant.  Think about this:

Jake was 78, and in decent health.  He had been wearing dentures for more than 10 years and although he didn’t like wearing them, he got used to it.  One day, a friend of his offered him a candy bar with caramel in it and he accepted.  It had been so long, and the moment he bit into it, he was savoring it.  He found that the caramel made it tough to chew and it was loosening his dentures.  He decided to swallow the bite quickly.

Because he hadn’t chewed it properly, the piece lodged in his throat and he began to choke.  Fortunately, Jake’s friend was there to help him, but he realized that just because he used to enjoy caramel, it wasn’t something that he could enjoy now.

Sometimes you may think that something as minor or innocuous as caramel might not be a big deal, but it can be, depending on the person and the circumstance.  When it comes to senior care, make sure you as well as the senior care service provider know what the risks are to your loved one’s health, and what is perfectly fine.  Sometimes it’s the things that we don’t think much about that matter the most.

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