Diabetes, Exercise, and Elderly Care for Matthews NC

Exercise is healthy for everyone at any age but for a person with diabetes, it is even more important.  Elderly care for a senior diagnosed with diabetes should include an exercise regimen that is appropriate for that individual’s health condition.

Those diagnosed with both diabetes types I and II will benefit from exercise.  It will help to control blood sugar, allow you to maintain an ideal weight, lower the risk of coronary artery disease, and enhance your quality of life.  However, consulting with the doctor and receiving a pre-exercise medical evaluation is recommended.

For those who can, it is suggested to perform strengthening and aerobic exercise 3 to 5 days a week for at least 30 minutes.  Diabetics should avoid exercising in extremely cold weather or extremely hot weather.  Exercises that increase blood pressure should be avoided.  This would include over the head arm exercises, the use of heavy weights, and stressful isometric exercises.

Checking blood sugar levels on a regular basis is normal but it is particularly important to check blood sugar levels before and after exercising.  A healthy snack should be readily available for low blood sugar levels.  If levels are too high, it is safer to wait until levels are lower before exercising.  Ask your doctor about treating high and low blood sugar levels before and after exercising.

Like anyone else who exercises, those with diabetes should stretch and have a warm up and cool down period before and after working out.  It is important to drink plenty of water to stay hydrated.

People with diabetes have decreased sensitivity in their feet so it is vital that they wear the proper shoes in order to avoid injury.  Shoes and socks should be dry and fit well. There are socks specifically designed for diabetics that are helpful during exercise.  After an exercise workout, an elderly home care provider should inspect the senior’s feet for breaks in the skin or any sore areas.

Regular exercise can help a diabetic lose weight.  Even losing five pounds can have a positive effect on glucose levels.  If blood sugar levels drop too low during exercise, a diabetic is at risk for a condition known as hypoglycemia.  Mild symptoms can cause your heart to beat fast while severe symptoms can cause you to pass out or have seizures.

When providing elderly care for a diabetic when exercising, it is important to monitor and maintain healthy blood sugar levels.

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