Do You Know What Options You Will Have when You Start Having Difficulties with Daily Task, and Your Health Starts Declining? Look Into Hiring Senior Home Care.

Staying Home is the ‘In’ Thing Today, Especially for Senior Care in Charlotte, NC

“A Father’s Request after his stroke, that he wants to remain in comfort of his own home”

When I was growing up, as soon as I hit my teenage years it seemed that I didn’t want to stay home for anything. Even when I was going to college, every weekend that rolled around I seem to be going out. Staying in the dorm or apartment building wasn’t so cool. Everybody was heading out to the clubs, bars, and other houses for parties, or even to sporting events. As I got older, staying in wasn’t such a bad thing.

For my father, when he was approaching his 80th birthday, I began to appreciate just how valuable it is to be able to “stay in” with regard to the home.

He was struggling with certain things and that was putting a lot of pressure on my mother. She was two years younger than him and while her health was relatively good, she didn’t have the kind of strength she needed to provide the right level support for him. When he suffered a stroke, it devastated our whole family and my mother was extremely concerned that she wouldn’t be able to provide the support he needed.

One thing he was able to communicate to us while he was in the hospital, before he regained his ability to speak, was that he wanted to stay home. We had to find some type of senior health care services that could support him and allow him to remain in the comfort of his home.

My father is not alone. The more I researched senior care, the more I learned that the vast majority of elderly individuals prefer to remain home for as long as possible. They don’t want to go to nursing homes and they try to avoid assisted living if they have a choice. Some people enjoy life at assisted living communities, but my father and mother had lived in that house their whole married life together, which was far more years than I care to admit. That’s because I would have to admit just how old I am now.

For those who may require senior care, staying home really is the “in” thing today. As the Baby Boomer generation approaches retirement age, there are going to be many more seniors who require assistance with basic care. Most of those seniors are going to want to stay home and that highlights the value of senior care and the caregivers who provide this important service.

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