Five Things to Do Prior to Caring for a Family Member

Before you start offering senior care to a family member, consider the changes you’re about to face. Whether you move in with your parent or someone moves in with you, it will impact your life. Before you make this move, make sure you’ve done these five things.


Elder Care in Huntersville NC: Senior Care Tasks

Elder Care in Huntersville NC: Senior Care Tasks


Create a Daily Schedule That’s Easily Shared

Organization is important. Create a schedule of daily, weekly, and monthly tasks. Put them all on a calendar that you can share. Sites like Google Calendar or Lotsa Helping Hands are great for family caregivers. You can invite family members and friends to look at what needs to be done. If they have time and necessary skills, they can sign up for one of the tasks or appointments to give you a break.


Decide What Housing Situation is Best

There are three options you’ll face. Your family member may move in with you, you move to their home, or you commute between homes. Commuting allows you some private time, but it does put miles on your car. You should weigh the pros and cons. If you’re single and renting, it may make more sense to move in. You’ll save on rent. Moving someone into your home can interfere with morning routines as kids and others get ready for school or work.


Go For a Checkup

When you start caring for a family member, it can interfere with your personal time. Get a checkup out of the way first. Get any vaccines that can help you from becoming ill, such as a flu shot or shingles vaccine. Getting a checkup out of the way also gives you a year to get adjusted to the impact on your life. By the time your next yearly appointment arrives, you’ll have routines down and respite care services lined up to ensure you have personal time.


Look at Personal and Household Finances

When you offer senior care, your finances take a hit. You may have to reduce your work hours to part-time. You might quit your job. You may find yourself paying for things your family member needs. If they live on a fixed income, you may never get reimbursed. Make sure this won’t cause a financial strain on your household.


Talk About Respite Care Services

From time to time, you’ll need a caregiver to step in and provide respite care. You may need to go for a doctor’s visit or to go someone’s out-of-state wedding. Make sure you discuss respite care with your family member in advance. Give yourself time to find a caregiver they like and feel comfortable with.

The best way to get started finding respite care is by talking to a senior care agency. You can discuss the services that are needed and the cost of that care. Call now to get answers to your questions.


If you or someone you know needs Elder Care in Huntersville, NC, contact the caregivers at Affordable HomeCare.  We provide quality and affordable care for many disabled and elderly loved-ones in our community. Call us at (704) 323-5454 for more information.

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