Elder Care in Charlotte NC: Holiday Shopping- Important Issues to Remember for Grandma

The holidays are upon us and our moms and dads, grandmas and grandpas want to join in the festivities. But how can they go out and shop if they have physical limitations? They need our help to get their shopping list accomplished on time.


Studies show that retail therapy is good for both the soul and the body. It has been shown to reduce the risk of death by up to 27% if an elderly person shops every day. It is great physical activity as well as a wonderful social interaction for them.


There often is not enough time in the day for a family member to assist their loved ones with shopping; however, this is a task that a home care provider can assist with. They can pick them up and take them to the mall or to the grocery store. Even if it’s just a quick trip to the bank that is needed, a ride there, along with good old-fashioned company, can really help to boost their spirits.


It is very important to walk slowly and be mindful of their walking capabilities. If a wheelchair or walker is needed, be sure to put it into your car prior to leaving. If possible, sometimes it is easier to take their car so that you can park in the handicapped parking zone and use their handicap sticker for easier access into the store. Make sure you only take them out as long as it is comfortable for them. Sometimes our aging loved ones can tire quickly, so keep them hydrated and be aware of how they are feeling during your outing.


If the weather is too severe and putting grandma into the car doesn’t seem like a good idea, another fun way to spend time with her is to shop online. You can teach her computer skills, if she is a new user, or help her refine the abilities she has already acquired.


If you have a loved one who is elderly but live too far away for you to personally be able to help them shop, having a home care provider is a great option. As well as assisting with shopping, they can also help decorate for the holidays.


No matter how you decide to help your aging loved one, it is important to have fun, keep them safe, and know their limitations. Having a home caregiver helping during this busy time of year and knowing that they will provide good company can put your mind at ease. Even if they are just taking them out to buy some festive foods and a few decorations, it will be good for their body and good for their soul.

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