Elder Care in Charlotte NC: Should Your Friend’s Opinion Influence Elder Care Decisions for a Parent?

Many of us have friends whose advice, and opinions matter to us, no matter what they are.  You could have been friends with this person since you were both in grade school, and you might have been through a lot together.  While that’s a wonderful relationship to have, what happens when they begin to try, and impose their opinions on elder care considerations for your parent?

Some people simply are unable to understand the situation, or emotion that could be involved when a parent is struggling to take care of him or herself.  They might not be able to comprehend the issues that underlie the decisions that need to be made.  So while you’re thinking about elderly home care, your friend could be telling you that you should let your sister handle it, or that if your mother is giving you a hard time, you should just “park her in a nursing home or assisted living and leave it at that.”

Of course, few true friends are going to tell you things like this; they are going to be able to understand at least to some degree what you’re going through.  But what happens when you realize that you’re having some trouble with your parent?  What if you have been trying to talk to your elderly loved one about home care, and he or she just won’t listen to you?  What if your mother is demanding that you be the one to provide that level of care for her?

In that case, you might end up talking to your friend about the situation, venting, and just trying to find some emotional support.  Then they begin to tell you how you should approach the situation, and then they try to convince you to take certain actions that you’re just not comfortable with.

If you are unsure about how to talk to your mother or father about elderly health care, then you should contact a local agency that provides caregivers for elderly individuals. They have a wealth of information, and resources that can help you determine the best approach to bringing up the subject, and also convincing your loved one that it’s the right thing for them at this point in their life.

You shouldn’t let anyone influence your decisions, and you shouldn’t force your will on your parent when it comes to elder care. Ultimately, though, it’s a personal and family decision and one that should be discussed and concluded between you and them.

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