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Elder Care in Gastonia NC: Helping your Loved-One to Stay Healthy and Balanced

Elder Care in Gastonia NC: Helping your Loved-One to Stay Healthy and Balanced

Balance is the ability to maintain the body’s position whether moving or remaining still. It is essential to one’s safety. Considering that falls are the leading cause of injury in the elderly and that one-third of adults age 65 and older fall every year, helping your loved one retain their balance as they age is vital to their well-being.  Once a fall occurs, the fear of falling or injuries that result because of it often affects a person’s ability or desire to remain engaged.  Activities become increasingly limited, leading to further physical decline and isolation that can ultimately lead to depression and a vicious cycle.  A study reported in Industrial Psychiatry Journal found that there was a strong correlation between depression and loneliness in the elderly population.  Here are some tips to help your parent remain balanced and engaged as they age.

1.) In order to maintain balance, several parts of your body must work together, translating and sending information that is received from the senses, the inner ear as well as the musculoskeletal system.  When one of these systems or signals breakdown, balance problems can erupt leaving your parent more susceptible to falls and injury.  If you notice your parent becoming a little unsteady on their feet, holding on to walls or chairs as they navigate, or complaining of dizziness, it’s time to make an appointment with their primary health care provider.  Medications, as well as inner ear issues, can both be factors in balance issues.  Knowing the cause helps determine the solution.

2.) Help them stay strong by scheduling in at least 30 minutes of activity on a daily basis.  A strong body, including the core muscles, helps maintain one’s balance.  Swimming is a great exercise for overall body tone. There are classes specifically designed to refresh seniors regarding the various strokes.  If your parent has never been a swimmer, water aerobics class may be an option.  The water increases buoyancy, limits the fear of falling and offers resistance.  Another exercise that has been shown to increase tone, as well as balance, is tai chi.  This is a popular gentle form of Chinese martial arts that is often offered at the local senior community center.

3.) Consider obtaining the services of a rehabilitation specialist or a physical therapist.  They can customize exercise plans based on your parent’s particular problem. Some communities offer comprehensive Balance Centers.

4.) If loss of balance is related to high or low blood pressure, then you will need to make sure your parent is eating a healthy diet filled with fruits and vegetables as well as drinking an adequate amount of water and limiting alcohol and caffeine. Stopping smoking is always recommended if the body is out of balance.  They should also be instructed in the appropriate way to stand, sit and lay down in order to prevent falls.  If you are still concerned, discuss the use of a walker until their balance issue is corrected with their physician.

Home Care Provider
A home care provider can assist with the daily activities of living. In addition, they can accompany your parent on daily walks, provide transportation to exercise classes and appointments, and prepare healthy meals. They can provide the companionship and care your parent requires as they enter into and through their elderly years.

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