Seniors Can Easily Lower Their Cholesterol with These Tips

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High cholesterol is a common problem among many older adults. However, if it is not properly treated and managed, it could lead to heart disease and other life-threatening conditions. MakingElder-Care-in-Gastonia-NC the changes necessary to lower the bad cholesterol is not difficult, but takes a little self-control and changes to their diet.

Getting a senior to make these changes alone is a daunting task, especially if they live by themselves. Since they have no one to eat with, they may be tempted to go for junk food or processed meals. A family member or elder care provider can help the senior stay on track to a healthier body by helping with the grocery shopping, meal preparations, and enjoying the meal together. You can also help your loved one by encouraging them to make the following changes to their lifestyle:

  • Avoid Trans fats. Trans fats can increase the LDL cholesterol and lower the HDL cholesterol, resulting in a higher risk of stroke and heart disease. Carefully read the labels on all foods at the grocery store before putting them in the shopping cart. Stay away from any foods that list hydrogenated oil as an ingredient as this is another name for Trans fats.
  • Maintain a healthy weight. Weight management becomes much more difficult as we get older and our metabolisms go down. Yet, it is important to do if the elder is overweight or obese. A dietician can help the elder come up with a dieting plan they can stick to. Regular exercise will also help; just make sure to get the doctor’s approval before beginning any workout.
  • Eat more fiber. Foods that are high in soluble fiber can prevent the body from absorbing cholesterol. In fact, research shows that people who eat 5 to 10 grams of fiber a day will lower the LDL numbers. Prunes, apples, and oatmeal are a few excellent sources of soluble fiber.
  • Do not forget the fish. Fish is loaded with omega-3 fatty acids that can help keep the heart healthy, while also reducing your loved one’s cholesterol and saturated fats exposure. Some types of fish have a high mercury content that could lead to heart disease. To prevent this from happening, opt for salmon, Bluefin tuna, or sardines.
  • Use olive oil. Instead of using butter to flavor the senior’s meals, use olive oil. It contains “good fats,” which could keep the heart healthy, while also reducing the LDL cholesterol. Extra-virgin olive oil has more antioxidants than regular olive oil, which could greatly lower their risk of disease.

Try out these easy tips for a healthier lifestyle in order to keep your elderly loved one’s cholesterol at a healthy and safe level.


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