How Can a Stress Test Help Your Loved-One?

Elder Care in Matthews NC: Stress Test Benefits For Your Senior

Elder Care in Matthews NC: Stress Test Benefits For Your Senior

Whether your senior has heart failure or simply isn’t sure why he doesn’t feel right, his doctor might recommend a stress test.  This type of testing can help your loved-one to get a customized set of recommendations for keeping himself healthy.

Stress Tests Can Point out Problems
Your senior’s doctor is most likely to order a stress test when there are symptoms your aging family member is experiencing that aren’t easy to pinpoint.  Some of these symptoms don’t show up when he is sitting in his doctor’s office calmly.  This type of test can help your parent’s doctor spot irregular heartbeats, whether treatments are working, or whether other tests are necessary for them.

Getting Ready for a Stress Test
Your loved-one’s doctor will let you know specifically what he needs to do in order to prepare for the test. Some of the preparations your parent might need to make could include stopping his medications, avoiding food, or avoiding smoking.  Your elderly family member should wear comfortable clothes that don’t restrict his movement. Comfortable shoes are also a must.

Going Through with the Stress Test
When the time comes to actually take the stress test, your parent is connected to machines that monitor his heart rate.  The most common next step is for your loved-one to start walking on a treadmill.  Your senior’s doctor will adjust variables such as the incline and the speed in order to gather more information.  If your aging adult needs to stop at any time during the test, he’s able to do that.  Once the physical activity portion of the test is complete, your loved-one’s doctor will monitor his vital signs.

After the Test
After the test, your senior’s doctor will examine all of the results collected during the test and analyze them.  If further tests are necessary, you’ll be alerted.  Once you have concrete recommendations for next steps, you and your parent can formulate a plan.  You don’t have to go it alone, however.  You might want to consider hiring elderly care providers, joining a support group, and running your full care plan past your loved-one’s doctor.
Having a stress test tells your parent’s doctor so very much about his heart and his health. Once you know what you’re up against, you can formulate a plan moving forward.

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