Elder Care in Mint Hill, NC: Palliative Care

One aspect of elder care is palliative care, which is also known as end of life care. Elderly men and women who are able to have a say in their end of life care usually have very similar requests. It is important to know what elderly relatives want when they reach the end of elder care and move into the stage of care that looks at how to end life with comfort and respect.

Death with dignity is one of the most important aspects of palliative care for elderly patients. Since Elizabeth Kubler Ross wrote about dying with dignity in the 1970s, families have been able to discuss end of life care more comfortably than they had in previous decades. Kubler Ross’s book pushed the idea of hospice into the forefront of elder care and home care for the elderly. Hospice took the idea of patients ending their days in the sterile environment of the hospital or nursing home and brought end of Elder Care in Mint Hill, NClife care into the comfort of the home.

Many senior citizens have decided that they do not want to have their palliative care in the hospital. Many of the life extending methods that hospitals are known to use do not improve the quality of life and death, but just leave the elderly patients lying in bed hooked up to mechanical equipment. These machines may make the heart pump and the organs function, but being hooked up to machines with no chance of improving life is not a dignified way to die. However, for many elderly patients the ability to be at home, surrounded by family, pets, and friends is an honorable and dignified way to spend the last breaths.

When adults reach the stage where they have to make final decisions, many seniors would choose to have comfort and palliative care rather than mechanical care, especially when those seniors know that there is nothing that can be done to improve their life conditions. It is important that elderly patients let their health care providers know what type of care they would like to receive. Living wills are the best tools for informing physicians about their end of life options. Interestingly, patients who are terminally ill felt much better letting the illness run its course while they rested peacefully. Terminally ill patients did not feel dignified when they were treated with aggressive surgeries and other painful medical procedures.

True palliative care is when the end of life is approaching and patients decide to forgo aggressive treatments, but choose to receive pain management care and comfort care instead. This is often included in hospice care, which is only prescribed when certain conditions are met. The conditions include terminal illnesses that leave the person with six months or less to live. Hospice and palliative care involves a team of health care providers who work to make the last months, weeks, and days as comfortable and dignified as possible. This is very important for many elderly patients who prefer to receive elderly home care instead of sterile hospital or nurse home care.

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