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There are many great options available for elder care.  These days’ seniors can get in home care, spend their days at a care facility, or get the help they need from an assisted living facility.  However, when looking into extra care for our aging parents and grandparents, sometimes we want the opportunity to spend more time with them. Moving in with your elderly parent, or having them move in with you isn’t always the answer to caregiving for your senior, but for some families it is a great solution.

You and your elderly loved one can both benefit from sharing the same home.  Instead of paying the cost of keeping up two households, you and your senior can live under one roof and cut costs.  Home care costs are the most flexible elder care costs, and fit almost any budget, but even then some families don’t have the means to pay someone else to care for their family member.  On the other hand, senior living facilities can be costly depending on the quality of the facility.  Families sometimes feel that their loved one is detached from the family when they live in an assisted living facility, and would rather have them close to home.

Monitoring your elderly loved one is a big reason families decide to bring grandmother to live with them.  As your loved one gets older they are going to need more elder care. They will need to be monitored so they don’t get hurt, lost, or confused without someone there to help.  With the entire family in the house to help keep an eye on mom you can rest assure that she will be well taken care of.  Family members can take on the responsibility of keeping her in their sites for a few hours each day to be sure she always has a watchful eye on her.

Cleaning, cooking, and caring for your family is all in a day’s work.  The idea of bringing another family member into your home can sound overwhelming, especially when it comes to adding to your workload.  As daunting as it does sound it is very doable, especially with your family’s help.  When you cook, just cook enough for one more. Setting that extra place at the table will take adjustments -as will the extra laundry- but it doesn’t have to sound as overwhelming as it might.

We all know how valuable time is.  Time with your elderly loved one is limited and what better way to make the best of that time then to spend quality time at home surrounded by family?  Many elderly loved ones enjoy their own homes and quiet spaces, but for the senior who loves to be around family and enjoys watching the grandchildren grow up the opportunity to share a home with them is priceless.  Consider the time you have left with your elderly loved one, and imagine making that time count by bringing mom into your home.

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