How Can You Tell that You’re Having Trouble with Roles Reversing as a Caregiver?

Problems with role reversal are extremely common between a caregiver and her care recipient. This often happens because relationships can be complicated, especially between parents and children. Changing situations may mean that you need to look more closely at your actions and words to ensure that you’re not making the situation worse.

Eldercare in Charlotte NC

Eldercare in Charlotte NC

You’re Trying to Use Guilt

It doesn’t feel good when someone uses guilt to manipulate you, but that doesn’t mean that you won’t find yourself sometimes relying on guilt to try to motivate your senior or other people that you love. Unfortunately, these guilt trips can backfire and leave you feeling more frustrated and alone, but also with a damaged relationship.

You Catch Yourself Using Diminishing Terms and Language

Diminishing language is language that makes your senior to seem or to feel smaller or even younger than she is, but not in a good way. Another term for this is infantilizing, where you talk to or about your aging family member as if she’s a child. This type of language can make your senior feel resentful, however.

You Keep a Tight Control of Information

Whoever controls the information can control most of the situations in someone’s life. For a long time, that might have been your aging adult, especially if she’s your parent. It’s not uncommon to now feel as if you’re finally the one in control of all the information and that you can do with it what you want. But again, this breeds resentment and isn’t the right way to handle the situation.

You Stop Consulting Your Senior about Decisions

As long as your elderly family member is competent enough to participate in making decisions about her own life, you should definitely keep her involved. Even if you’re the ultimate decision maker, that doesn’t mean that you can’t talk to her about how the decisions make her feel and which options she would prefer. Try to remember how you would feel in the same situation.

Being a caregiver isn’t easy, but you don’t have to make it more difficult for yourself. Talk to friends or to a therapist who can help you to work through the issues you’re having with the changing roles between you and your aging family member.

Excerpt: With most caregiving situations, there is an element of role reversal that occurs. If you’re not handling that role reversal well, the situation can become even worse. Here are some ways you can spot the problem.

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