What is a Diabetes Meal Plan?

If your senior parent has recently been diagnosed with diabetes, you’re probably being exposed to all kinds of new terms. One of the things you may have heard the doctor talk about is a diabetes meal plan. That may lead you to think that there is a very specific diet that your parent will need to follow, but that’s not the case. They are actually fairly flexible and can take into consideration your parent’s likes and dislikes. Understanding what a meal plan is and how it fits into your parent’s care will make you a more successful family caregiver.


Elderly Care in Ballantyne NC: Diabetes Meal Plan

Elderly Care in Ballantyne NC: Diabetes Meal Plan


The Basics of a Meal Plan

A diabetes meal plan is basically a guideline that helps your parent eat a healthy diet. It tells them:


-When to eat.

-Which foods to eat.

-How much they should eat.


The goal of a meal plan is to allow your parent to meet their goals for maintaining their blood sugar level and a healthy weight. However, that doesn’t mean they are restricted to a set list of foods whether they like them or not. To be successful, a meal plan must factor in your parent’s likes and dislikes or they won’t be likely to follow it.

Usually, a diabetes meal plan will include the same amount of carbs at breakfast, lunch, and dinner. This helps keep blood sugar levels constant throughout the day. Some experts recommend using 45 grams of carbs per meal as a target.


Eating Patterns

-Sometimes people structure their diabetic meal plan around an eating pattern. An eating pattern describes the kinds of foods a person chooses to eat over time.


Some examples of eating patterns are:

-Vegetarian: A vegetarian eats mainly plant-based foods, but might also eat dairy and eggs.

A person who follows a vegan eating pattern eats only plant-based foods and no foods that contain anything derived from animal sources.


-Mediterranean: This eating pattern includes mostly plant-based foods and relies on olive oil as the main source of fat. Red meat is limited, but the pattern does include some fish, dairy, and poultry.


-DASH: DASH stands for Dietary Approaches to Stop Hypertension. This is a low-sodium diet that focuses on fruits, vegetables, whole grains, and lean proteins.


Usually, a doctor will recommend working with a dietician to find the right meal plan for someone newly diagnosed with diabetes. Once your parent has decided on a meal plan to follow, it may be helpful to hire an elder care provider. An elder care provider can help your parent prepare meals that follow the plan. They can also help your parent to manage their diabetes symptoms. An elder care provider can remind your parent to check their blood sugar levels and take medications.


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