What Do You Need to Know about Lighting to Help Prevent a Fall for Your Aging Adult?

One of your most effective tools in helping your senior to avoid a fall can actually be the lighting in her home. Once you understand how lighting can make such a big difference, you can make the right changes.


Elderly Care in Gastonia NC: Lighting For Fall Prevention

Elderly Care in Gastonia NC: Lighting For Fall Prevention


Poor Lighting Creates Shadows and Obstacles

The biggest problem with bad lighting in your aging adult’s home is that it creates shadows that are often deeper and more difficult to distinguish. Those shadows can appear as obstacles to your elderly family member’s eyes, and that itself can cause her to trip or to run into an actual obstacle. Providing the right lighting for the situation removes those obstacles so your senior can distinguish what is actually an obstacle.


Glare Can Make Your Senior Miss Obstacles

Glare and reflections from poor lighting and even natural light can work the same way that shadows do and make it appear that there’s an obstacle present. Glare can also hide actual obstacles, which is equally dangerous. Double check the placement of mirrors and picture frames so that you can reduce glare at all times of the day.


Eyes Need Time to Adjust

As your senior ages, her eyes may need longer to adjust when the lighting changes. This is definitely something to be aware of when you adjust lighting and your senior is trying to get up or move around. Make sure that you let elderly care providers and other family members know to give your senior this time to allow her eyes to adjust so that they’re prepared.


Simple Changes to Lighting Make a Big Difference

Making the lighting brighter can often solve the problem, but some situations require just a little more creativity. Near her bed, for example, you might want to use a downward-facing light next to the bed as well as another light that lights the room. This helps to ensure that she can see where her feet are placed as well as what else is going on in the room.

Try various lighting setups to see what works best for your aging adult. Remember to revisit the lighting setup often to make sure that it continues to work well for her.


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