Elderly Care in Waxhaw, NC: Hemorrhoids

It’s not always something that’s easy to talk about. But it can be a common problem with the senior adult, so hemorrhoids should be talked about. When people age, it can be normal for several uncomfortable health issues to arise. Elderly persons usually have several health difficulties, so they usually focus on them and ignore the hemorrhoids. They are an embarrassing condition and the elderly loved one may feel humiliated or ashamed to talk about it in front of her doctor.

How do hemorrhoids occur?

When the veins in the anus become swollen or dilated, a hemorrhoid can occur. It may be due to constipation, straining with difficult bowel movements, or an unhealthy diet. With more straining comes more pressure on the vein until it finally ruptures. This can cause bleeding and pain with each subsequent bowel movement. A diet which is low in the right kinds of fiber can contribute to this condition. As a person ages, their veins can swell and rupture more easily.

Seeking treatment early

Unfortunately, hemorrhoids in the elderly usually go unnoticed until they are in the advanced stages. It is important that your loved one’s elder care provider is very vigilant in noticing anything is wrong and also asking questions if she suspects your loved one is suffering from this condition. The sooner it is treated, the better the results will be.

Preventing the formation of hemorrhoids

Hemorrhoids can also be prevented in large part by avoiding constipation. Foods such as adequate quantities of green leafy vegetables, whole grains, legumes, nuts and fresh fruit should be taken in abundance in the daily diet. Drinking a lot of water is also part of the prevention because it helps to prevent hard stools from forming. It is these hard stools that cause straining.

Regular exercises are also a crucial component of hemorrhoid prevention. Exercising helps to strengthen and improve the movement of the intestines so that everything stays in working order.

Usual types of treatments

The doctor may prescribe a stool softener to prevent constipation and avoid straining. Sometimes alternating a cold and warm compress helps in the healing of hemorrhoids which are already present and also increases blood flow to the area. In advanced stages where the hemorrhoid isn’t healing, surgery is sometimes the final answer.

Remember that the elderly adult feels distress too, just like adults do. They may be shy about seeking help but would be just as grateful for relief as an adult would be.

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