Home Care Around the Holidays—Be Aware of Different Cultures and Religions in Weddington, NC

Home care companions come from all walks of life. They come from different cultures, heritages, and faiths. While this really doesn’t make a difference throughout most of the year, with the holiday season comes along it can become very evident. A home care companion that is of a different faith or culture than the senior for whom she provides care may end up feeling uncomfortable and out of place. By ensuring that you are aware of these differences and make an effort to acknowledge them in caring and nurturing ways, you can make the home care companion feel welcomed and appreciated, while also giving yourself a lesson on diversity.

The holiday celebrations of different cultures can be truly fascinating. Just as much as your celebrations are precious to you, the celebrations of other people are precious to them. This means it is the holiday season rolls around they will be excited for the traditions that their families will observe. Ask your home care companion about her traditions. Welcome her to tell you about what her family does, but the holidays mean, and how she will observe them. Be open with her about the holidays that your senior will be celebrating and what she can do to make those holidays wonderful.

Your Traditions

A truly dedicated home care companion will want to make the holiday season as enjoyable and traditional for your loved one as possible. This may mean, however, that you need to tell them about family traditions and how your senior is accustomed to celebrating. Share with her pictures of previous celebrations and tell her where she can find your loved one’s decorations and other supplies.

Her Traditions

Home care around the holiday shouldn’t just be about making sure that your aging loved one is still able to celebrate the holiday the way he is accustomed. You should also take steps to acknowledge the holidays of your home care companion. Especially if you have a live-in companion, or one that spends a considerable amount of time every day at your home, making their culture and holidays a part of your season to be extremely meaningful to both your companion and you.

Celebrating Together

Make sure that your aging loved one is aware of the cultural and faith differences of the home care companion. Ask them how they think that you could acknowledge these differences. Consider including a central element to the holiday of your home care companion in your own home, whether that is a Christmas tree, a menorah, or other important symbol. Offer a gift or other token of your appreciation that is appropriate to that holiday, and make sure that you do your best to provide them with the flexibility they need in order to observe their holiday the way that they want.

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