Home Care Charlotte, NC: Celebrating National Cancer Survivors Day

Cancer survivors share a common thread of victory over a significant health threat. Most of these people have learned to take it one step at a time and one day at a time. They have learned to celebrate life more and criticize less. They have learned to be more educated about themselves, their healthcare, their diet and their lifestyle. Additionally, survivors have often learned to take better care of their life. The National Cancer Survivors Day is a day that is designed to help a survivor celebrate these milestones in their life. It is a great way to recognize and honor the individual lives of people that have been affected by this disease. This celebration has grown in popularity and purpose and is now celebrated across not only The United States and Canada, but in many countries across the globe.

Surviving through the discovery, removal of and treatment for a cancerous growth can be emotionally, financially and physically taxing on a person and their life. As most survivors will tell you the disease can and often does affect all areas of enjoyment and productivity. The journey towards healing can be very multi faceted and filled with highs and lows. Coping with the diagnosis is the first part of a long process of discovery to recovery. The final stage for patients is to learn how to stay always mindful of their health care and remain positive. This is often key to a patient’s long term prognosis and healing.The National Cancer Survivors Day is a great way for survivors and their loved ones to celebrate with a community of survivors from their own area. This is a time for renewed commitment, continued education and building bonds and community with others who know exactly what it’s like to survive the disease. For people who are new to the healing process this day is an exciting beginning as they become surrounded by hundreds of survivors and their personal testimonies. For those people who have been in long term remission it is an excellent opportunity to provide inspiration to others. As people who have recovered from the disease will tell you, health care is always a personal journey. For those who have battled and overcome the disease their stories often provide a deep inspiration for others. Local events may focus on bringing in famous celebrities who they themselves have battled with the effects of this disease. These celebrities often provide great hope, laughter and meaning for survivors and their families. Most everyone knows you can’t do it alone. This day is meant to celebrate the greater community of survivors so no one ever feels they are battling the disease alone.The day’s events focus on celebration, inspiration and education for the survivor and their loved ones. Often these events provide survivors with a whole host of local and national resources to aid them in their long-term health care. Events are generally held from the first Saturday in June to the middle of the month. Survivors are encouraged to check with their local communities to see what is offered in their area in honor of this day. Frequently many states will be hosting multiple events throughout different areas. Each event has a special focus meant to enrich and celebrate the life of being a survivor.

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