Home Care Gastonia NC: Enjoying the Benefits Of Hot Tea!

Tea does many great things for the body.  Teas such as green tea are known for boosting cells in the body, which are helpful in the immune system.  Green teas are believed to help control autoimmune problems, and address some diseases.  A review from the European Journal of Clinical Nutrition showed that drinking tea daily could be linked to a lower risk of coronary heart disease.  This could be because of the antioxidants found in tea.  High blood pressure is also a concern for senior patients, but there’s a tea for that too.  Black tea has been linked to slight decreases in blood pressure.

For seniors in particular, tea could help your aging loved one better function.  This could help your senior do everyday tasks such as bathing, and dressing on their own.  A study done by the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition found that adults 65 and older, who drink the most green tea had the best function of a group of 14,000 participants.  Seniors who drink tea regularly could have a much lower risk of functional disability. This means that with the help of tea as a home care remedy your elder can stay more independent for longer than maybe they even imagined.

During the cold months your senior can also benefit from the germ fighting benefits of drinking tea.  A report published in the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences found that people who drank three cups of black tea per day produced five times more germ fighting cells.  This means that tea drinkers have more ability to fight viral infections like colds and flus.  Just a few cups of hot tea a day make for a great home care solution to helping your senior fight the common cold.  With the help of the natural elements in teas the next time your elderly loved one comes in contact with an under the weather clerk, or stuffy nosed little girl, or boy they will have those extra germ-fighting cells to ward off germs.

To reap the maximum benefits of drinking tea, seniors should live all-around healthy lifestyles.  While tea is a great boost to the immune system there is no substitute for a healthy diet and regular exercise.  The preparation of tea is also very important in reaping all of its natural benefits.  Letting tea steep for three to five minutes lets it reach its maximum benefits.  Your senior can benefit most from tea by drinking three to four cups per day.  Before adding tea to your senior’s home care regiment, be sure to ask their doctor if adding tea to their diet is a good idea.

National Hot Tea Month is celebrated throughout the month of January.  Take this opportunity to add to your senior’s health by learning all that tea can do.  Not only does studies show that tea can be beneficial for heart health, certain cancers are also believed to be cancer fighters, and risk reducers for osteoporosis.

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