The Importance of Exercise and Physical Activity for Senior Citizens


Home Care in Concord NC: The Importance of Exercise and Physical Activity for Senior Citizens

Exercise is one of the best things anyone can do for themselves, and that includes senior citizens. The CDC recommends that people who are 65 or older, and who have no health conditions that put limits on exercise, get a minimum of 2.5 hours of moderate aerobic exercise per week and engage in strength training exercises twice per week. If your parent is not able to participate in routine exercise to the extent recommended by the CDC, it’s still important that they remain physically active. Your parent’s home care provider can help them to remain active by encouraging them to engage in activities like taking walks, gardening, or other forms of movement.


The Risks of Being Inactive

Your parent may be reluctant to exercise because they think they are too frail or that exercise is too hard. They may worry about injuring themselves. However, there are more risks associated with being inactive than there are with exercising, as long as it is done safely. Being inactive leads to the inability to be active. Those who fail to make physical activity a part of their daily lives are at risk for more doctor and hospital visits than those who are active and may require more medications to treat illnesses.


Benefits of Exercise

There are many good reasons for senior citizens to exercise. Exercise can help manage many diseases associated with old age, like heart disease, diabetes, high blood pressure, and arthritis. Exercises aimed at improving balance can also prevent falls. Stress and depression can also be alleviated through exercise. There’s even some research evidence that suggests that exercise can help with cognitive function.


Kinds of Exercise for Senior Citizens

There are four kinds of exercise that people of all ages should try to include in their fitness routines. They are:


  • Aerobic activities that bring the heart rate up.
  • Exercises for balance improvement.
  • Strength exercises.
  • Exercises to improve flexibility.


Your parent’s home care provider may be able to drive them to exercise classes specifically designed for senior citizens. Check with the senior center where your parent lives; they may be able to help you find exercise classes or may even have classes right at the center. Even if your parent has limited mobility, you may be able to find exercise classes that cater to people with disabilities, such as a chair yoga class. If your parent does not want to participate in an exercise class, ask the home care provider to do things with your parent that require physical activity, like walking the dog or raking leaves.


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