Getting Sleep May Be Difficult When You First Hire Home Care for Mom


Home Care in Weddington NC: Getting Sleep May Be Difficult When You First Hire Home Care for Mom

When you were raising your children you probably lost a lot of sleep. Especially when your kids were extremely young they may have gotten up in the middle of the night crying for one reason or another, scared, or simply not having the same sleep patterns as you did. Now that you’re older, though, your kids are grown, but your mother is having trouble.

You’ve considered hiring home care support.

You may have sat down and had a conversation with her about this topic and at first she was reluctant to even consider it. Yet, knowing your busy schedule and all of the things she has trouble with, she started to realize it would be beneficial.

You simply had concerns.

One of the most pressing concerns for you was finding the right caregiver. You didn’t want to just hire anyone and you were worried about their experience, professionalism, and integrity. You did your due diligence and realized hiring through an agency was a far better option because not only do more agencies today carefully interview each potential employee, some are even conducting background checks and providing training and extra support for their home care aides.

You found one you like.

You found a caregiver with whom your mother was comfortable and you both felt confident in her abilities to provide the support and care she needed. So why are you not sleeping? You may be lying awake at night staring into the dark and wondering how things are working out.

You call your mother several times during the day and she says everything’s fine, but something is unsettled within you. These are normal fears and anxieties. There’s nothing unusual about them.

For you and your mother, you will have invited a complete stranger into your mother’s home to take care of her, look after her, and provide support. Hiring through an agency is the best choice, but that may not alleviate some of the anxiety you’re going to feel.

Many caregivers are open to communication.

Many experienced home care aides understand exactly what family members are dealing with. They understand the concerns, anxieties, and worries they have. That’s why they are often amenable to having conversations, talking about things, and answering questions.

Once your mother settles in with this new caregiver, it will become easier for you to sleep at night. In the beginning, as with most things that are new, you may have more questions than answers, which is what’s keeping you up at night. Relax, your mother is in good hands.

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