How Can You Help an Aging Adult Stay Hydrated?

Hydration is incredibly important for elderly folks for so many reasons. Beyond the health implications of dehydration itself, there are the concerns about medications potentially causing further dehydration and health conditions that don’t respond well to a lack of water.

Home Care Services in Mint Hill NC: Senior Hydration Tips

Home Care Services in Mint Hill NC: Senior Hydration Tips


Make Water Bottles Available Constantly

Keeping fresh water bottles available everywhere that your senior spends time is a great way to have water available without feeling as if you’re being pushy. If your elderly family member knows that the water is there, she can simply grab it whenever she needs a drink. Use resealable bottles rather than glasses so that there’s less risk of spilling them and creating a fall hazard.


Try a Variety of Beverages

Water is one of the better choices for your aging family member to drink, of course, but it’s not the only beverage that’s hydrating. Herbal teas, juice, and even milk can all be great for hydration purposes. The key is that you don’t want your senior to drink beverages that are high in sugars or other ingredients that could create problems. So offer other beverages, but try to offer water more often.


Play with New Recipes for Drinks

If your senior really isn’t fond of water, then you might be able to get better results by trying new drink recipes on a daily or weekly basis. This helps her to get hydration, but still explore a bit and find drinks that are new to her but enjoyable. Once that happens, you’re more likely to hit a balance between the water she needs to drink and the beverages that she enjoys drinking.


Encourage a Full Glass of Water with Medications

Most pharmacists and doctors recommend that people take medications with a full glass of water. But if your senior doesn’t already do this, you might want to encourage her to try it. The full glass of water adds into her total hydration, of course, but it also helps ensure that she fully swallows the medication.

In the end, some techniques will work better for your senior than others will, so you may need to experiment a bit to find a happy medium. If you’re still stumped, senior care providers are an excellent resource because they’ve helped other aging adults with hydration issues, too.


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