What You Should Expect When Your Senior Is In Late-Stage Alzheimer’s Disease

Alzheimer’s disease is a progressive disease, which means that the challenges and symptoms that your aging parent will face will increase and worsen as time passes. Though the progression of the disease is highly personal and will be unique to your parent, it is important to note that there is a basic set of stages that people go through when progressing through the disease.


Final late-stage Alzheimer’s

Home Care Services in Weddington NC: Late-Stage Alzheimer's

Home Care Services in Weddington NC: Late-Stage Alzheimer’s

The final stage of this disease is referred to as late-stage or advanced stage Alzheimer’s disease. Knowing what to expect during this stage can help to prepare you for the care that you will need to give your senior.

This stage is when the challenges that your parent faces will get more serious and demanding. Your parent will no longer have any level of ability to live independently and will need care around the clock to manage their challenges.



Some of the most pressing issues that they are likely to
experience at this stage of the disease include:

-A difficulty with mobility to the point that they may no longer be able to walk and will need support and assistance to move around.


-Difficulties with chewing and swallowing that can make it harder for them to get the hydration and nutrition that they need, and put them at risk of choking.


-Inability to complete personal care tasks or fulfill activities of daily living on their own.


-Increased vulnerability to infection and illness, particularly pneumonia and other serious infections.


-Loss of awareness of the world around them and their ability to interact with it effectively.


-Loss of communication.


-Extensive memory loss and inability to recognize people.


-Increased or even total incontinence.


How can home care services help?

If you have been considering ways to enhance your aging parent’s quality of life, support better health and well-being, and help them to manage their individual challenges and needs in the way that is right for them, starting senior care for them might be the ideal solution. A senior home care services provider can be there with your parent on a customized schedule to ensure that your parent will get all of the care, support, and assistance that they need.

These highly personalized services help your parent stay healthy, happy, comfortable, and safe, while also encouraging independence, activity, and fulfillment as they age in place. This can be particularly beneficial if you live at a distance or you have a schedule that is busy and you feel that you are not able to be with your parent as frequently as they deserve. This senior home care services provider can fill care gaps, offer companionship and transportation, and ensure that your parent gets everything they need both when you are with them and when you are not.


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