How Can Your Aging Adult Get the Sleep that She Needs to Live the Life She Wants to Live?

Home Health Care in Charlotte NC: Senior Sleep Tips

Home Health Care in Charlotte NC: Senior Sleep Tips

Keeping active and engaged with her life is much easier for your elderly family member if she’s getting the sleep that she needs.  Here are some ways to help her to do that.

Get More Active During the Day

If your elderly family member is feeling sluggish during the day after a night of bad sleep, it’s natural to want to let her do whatever is comfortable for her. The problem with this is that your aging adult might not find that idea too exciting.  Even a moderate increase in activity can help a bit.  Consider going for a walk at some point during the day or even doing a bit of stretching several times during the day.

Start Avoiding Artificial Light in the Evening

Bright artificial light later in the day can cause your aging adult’s body to put less natural melatonin into her body.  Melatonin is the substance that signals to the body that it’s time to get some sleep.  While some people get results from taking melatonin supplements, it’s easier to simply use lighting that isn’t as bright later in the day and evening.  Also, avoid the television right before bed.

Revamp the Bedroom

Your elderly family member’s bedroom can be a big part of her sleeping problems.  If it’s not comfortable or it’s too bright or too warm, sleeping can be more difficult.  Take an inventory and determine what can and should be changed to make the room more comfortable for your elderly family member.

Stick to a Consistent Sleeping Schedule

Having a consistent sleeping schedule can be far more important to good sleep than many people give it credit.  Work out a wake-up time and a bedtime that your senior is comfortable with, and then work at putting it into practice.  Getting used to a new routine can take a little bit of time and practice, so don’t expect it to work perfectly right out of the gate.

A key component of this plan can be having someone else to help your elderly family member to be accountable for the changes that she wants to make.  If you can’t be with her as much as you’d like, hiring senior care providers can provide the extra support you and your aging adult need.


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