Why Can’t Your Loved One Sleep?

When your senior family member can’t sleep, it’s likely to make her cranky and affect her overall health. It’s definitely time to get to the bottom of the problem so you can fix it.


Home Health Care in Matthews NC: Senior Sleeping Tips

Home Health Care in Matthews NC: Senior Sleeping Tips


She’s Overlooking Caffeine

Even if your elderly family member hasn’t had a problem with caffeine sensitivity in the past, that can be changing now. Many times medications, health conditions, or other situations can affect whether your senior is sensitive to caffeine. This can mean that early afternoon coffee, which was always fine before, can be a huge barrier to sleep now.


Screen Time Could Be a Problem

With so many electronic devices making life easier now, your senior may rely on her tablet or her laptop to do a variety of different activities. Reading or playing a game before bed sound like great ways to relax. But the type of light that these devices, including televisions, emit can trick the body into staying awake far longer than your senior wants to be awake.


The Bedroom Isn’t a Haven

Having the right environment for sleep makes a huge difference in getting the right amount of sleep. If your senior’s bedroom isn’t comfortable or there is a lot of noise, then she may have trouble sleeping. Go through the room and see what you can do to make it more suitable for a good nights’ sleep.


She Doesn’t Have a Routine

The human body thrives on routines and your aging family member’s body is no exception. If she’s waking up at erratic hours that can really throw her entire body out of whack. Work with your elderly family member to start setting a range for bedtime and a corresponding range for her wakeup time. With a more solid routine, her body can start to rely on it to reset its rhythm.


There Are Other Factors

There can be a lot of other factors that keep your elderly family member from sleeping well, too. She may have chronic health issues, such as pain, that keep her from sleeping well. She may also be experiencing side effects from medication or other issues. Talk with her doctor about what might help to resolve the situations that she’s experiencing in regards to sleep.

As you and your senior learn more about what helps her to sleep well and what keeps her from sleeping, you can fine tune her plan. Working with elderly care providers to keep her on schedule during the day can make a huge difference at night.


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