How Can You Start to Address Safety Issues for a Senior with Dementia?

The key to addressing safety issues for an elderly family member who has dementia is to figure out what those issues are. They’re different for every aging adult, so you’re going to need to do a little bit of detective work to figure out where the trouble spots lie.


Home Health Care in Waxhaw NC: Senior Safety

Home Health Care in Waxhaw NC: Senior Safety


Assess the Situation Thoroughly

Assessing your senior’s safety is going to take much more than a quick walkthrough of her home. You’re going to need to pay some serious attention to so many different factors. You’ll need to go through every room as well as the exterior of your elderly family member’s home. Kitchens and bathrooms are likely to have the most potential for safety issues, but that doesn’t mean that other rooms can be overlooked.

Make an Emergency Contact List

When your elderly family member is stressed or confused, she may have a much more difficult time knowing how to call you or other people for help. Make a list of emergency contact numbers that are easy to read and put copies next to every phone in the house. It may also be a good idea to look into a personal alarm device for your elderly family member. These devices give her one button that she can push to get assistance any time that she needs it.

Put Safety Devices in Place

Your elderly family member’s home probably already has smoke detectors, but if they haven’t been checked in a while, that can be a problem. In addition, you may want to install carbon monoxide detectors and other air quality tools. Make fire extinguishers easily accessible and consider purchasing some that are easy for anyone to use.

Develop a Home Safety Checklist

Since this is probably the first time you’re going through this safety check, you may not have a list to go by. By the time you finish this process, however, you’ll have a checklist of sorts that can help you the next time you need to perform this assessment. Clean up your notes and use them as a checklist for next time.

If you’re feeling stuck in any of these stages, getting help from home care providers who have experience with dementia patients can be ideal. They know what to look for in order to keep their patients safe.


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