Are There Mental Signs from Your Loved-One that Signal Trouble for Her?

Homecare in Charlotte NC: Signs That Your Senior May Need Help

Homecare in Charlotte NC: Signs That Your Senior May Need Help

Watching your aging adult’s mental state deteriorate can be frightening for both of you. The good news is that you may be able to help, to a certain extent, especially if you spot problems early on.

Below are some key signs to pay attention to when observing your elderly family member…


Your Senior Doesn’t Want to Be Social Any Longer
If your elderly parent has always socialized well with other people, it might be shocking to find that she suddenly isn’t interested. There are a lot of different reasons for this, but your loved-one may be missing something from those social interactions that she needs to have replaced in other ways. Mention this to her primary care physician to see if they might be able to help determine potential causes.


Your Loved-One’s Moods Are All Over the Place
Changing moods can be frustrating, both for you and for your senior family member. If your parent is suddenly having odd mood changes, there could be something else going on. Introducing some light exercise, yoga, or soothing techniques may help to steady their moods.


Your Aging Adult Is Making Some Sketchy Decisions
Poor judgment is something that you may not be used to at all with your aging family member. It can also be disturbing to witness. This particular sign can be one of the ones that may inspire you to find some extra help and companionship for your parent to help keep her safe. Hiring a senior care provider can be a great way to assist your senior in making good choices.


Your Senior Has Trouble with Simple Tasks
Many aging adults start to have trouble with tasks that have always been easy for them in the past. If this is happening with your senior, she may be feeling frustrated and irritated. They may need to have prompts, or even notes now to complete tasks that she once completed on her own.


Your Aging Family Member Has Trouble Concentrating
As your loved-one ages, she may find it difficult to concentrate on specific activities. Combined with memory loss, your senior can start to feel as if her brain is betraying her. Watch for problems such as missing important events or appointments, having trouble with medications, or repeating questions over and over.

If you are noticing some of these changes already, consider hiring senior care providers to give your aging family member a little extra help when you can’t be there for her.

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