Could Lifestyle Choices Be Contributing to an Aging Adult’s Fatigue?


If your senior is battling fatigue constantly, there may be some really simply factors contributing to what she’s experiencing. Always be sure to check with her doctor to rule out medical causes, however, because treating those may solve the problem entirely.


 Homecare in Concord NC: Fatigue and Lifestyle Choices

Homecare in Concord NC: Fatigue and Lifestyle Choices


Having Poor Sleep Hygiene

If your elderly family member is staying up late at night and getting up late in the day, it’s likely to contribute to a feeling of being out of step with the rest of the world. That habit can also lead to fatigue, especially if your senior needs to be up earlier in the day to go to appointments or attend specific functions.


Drinking or Eating Stimulants Late in the Day

Stimulating beverages and foods, particularly those that contain plenty of caffeine or sugar, can be a hazard for good rest. Start maintaining a food diary if you’re concerned that your aging adult is getting too much of these types of foods and beverages too late in the day. You can narrow down a cut off time that can help her to get the sleep she needs.


Poor Eating Habits

Foods that act as a stimulant aren’t great choices because they can often cause your senior’s system to “crash” once the sugar, caffeine, or other energy-boosting ingredients fade. Another food culprit is food that is full of “empty calories,” commonly called junk food. It earned the name because it doesn’t do much good for your body in terms of offering nutrition and can actually contribute to fatigue.



Being bored is a really common cause of fatigue and it’s easy to overlook. This can especially be the case if your senior has always had an active life, including socially. Look for ways to help your elderly family member to engage in activities that she enjoys again. If transportation is a problem, consider enlisting the help of elderly care providers or other family members to get her where she wants to go.

Even small changes can make a big difference in how your elderly family member feels and how she’s able to cope with the other potential causes of her fatigue.


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